Welcome to Cardno Chenoweth

Cardno Chenoweth has developed an outstanding reputation for more than 20 years as a leading integrated ecology, planning and design practice.
Before merging to become Cardno Chenoweth in November 2011, the Queensland-based firm began life more than 20 years ago as Chenoweth Environmental Planning & Landscape Architecture.

The merger has allowed their track record of developing new approaches in environmental planning and landscape assessment to further complement Cardno’s other services.

This synergy has enhanced Cardno Chenoweth’s ecology, landscape amenity and open space capabilities, and extended the opportunities for integrated environmental consultancy.

Cardno Chenoweth has proven capabilities in a number of interrelated fields associated with environmental planning, ecology and landscape evaluation, in particular biodiversity surveys, environmental management and rehabilitation, water and wetlands, and visual and scenic assessment.

In collaboration with local governments, Cardno Chenoweth co-authored the South East Queensland Ecological Restoration Framework from 2009 to 2012. This is a significant ‘green’ initiative with the guidelines representing current best practice in rehabilitation, vegetation and habitat restoration.

Cardno Chenoweth is based in the Brisbane CBD and employs 10 staff. Technical expertise and industry knowledge are at the core of its market leadership position. 


Cardno Chenoweth delivers a wide range of innovative solutions including broad scale and site-specific ecological and scenic assessments, designs, Planning and Environment Court appeals, issue-focused reports, research studies and multi-disciplinary investigations.


Cardno Chenoweth has undertaken a wide range of projects for many different clients in the public and private sectors, including local, state and federal government agencies, extractive industry and the land development sector.​