Welcome to Cardno Caminosca

Based in Ecuador, Cardno Caminosca provides engineering design, construction supervision, management services, and technical assistance, for hydropower, oil and gas, mining, transportation, urban development, water supply, irrigation and multipurpose projects.

Operating since 1976 and currently the largest engineering consulting company in Ecuador, Caminosca joined with Cardno in 2012.

Headquartered in Quito, Cardno Caminosca contains more than 450 staff, of which 290 are engineers and other technical professionals.

Cardno Caminosca’s engineering skills, combined with the broader company’s environmental expertise, create a strong platform to deliver a complementary suite of services to local and international clients in Latin America.

Cardno Caminosca is involved in major projects, including Mazar, Sopladora, and Cardenillo hydropower projects; the development of oil and gas production and transportation facilities in the Amazon; and the Baba Multipurpose Project.

Cardno Caminosca has a long-standing philosophy of adopting the highest standards in dealing with its clients and has a rich understanding of the diverse and expanding South American market.

The company will provide a balance of high-end expertise with local community engagement to deliver the right solutions for our clients.

The acquisition offers strong potential to cross-sell Caminosca’s capabilities to Cardno’s existing South American clients and to offer Caminosca’s clients the broader range of Cardno’s services.


Caminosca provides specialist engineering consulting services in the hydropower, oil and gas, mining, transportation, urban development, water supply and sewerage, irrigation and stormwater sectors.


Government institutions, such as Electric Corporation of Ecuador; Ministry of Transport and Public Works; National Oil Companies PETROECUADOR and PETROAMAZONAS;
and private companies in the oil, mining, infrastructure, utility and energy sectors.