Acquisition History

​Cardno’s continuing success is largely attributable to the provision of diverse and complementary services, an emphasis on client service and a growth strategy which positions us to make the most of strategic markets that deliver new services and accelerate organic growth.

All our potential partners are looked at objectively and strategically. We look for and embrace companies that…

…take Cardno into new geographic locations
…offer new services that are complementary to our own and enhance our capabilities
…have cultural fit, with a strong focus on great people.

The Cardno of today is made up of some of the world’s best in their fields. Combined, we are a strong, diverse business which has its own distinct culture and personality. 

Year Original Company Name
2014 IT Transport
PPI Group of Companies
2013 Haynes Whaley Associates
Geotech Material Testing Services Pty Ltd
2012 Caminosca S.A.
ChemRisk, LLC
Hard & Forester
Better Technical Options
Marshall Miller & Associates
EM-Assist, Inc.
ATC Associates
Locom Australia
2011 Humphreys Reynolds Perkins
Chenoweth Environmental Planning & Landscape Architecture (CEPLA)
Geotech Solutions
Lane Piper Pty Ltd
BEC Engineering
2010 JFNew & Associates
ENTRIX Holding Company
Environmental Resolutions, Inc.
Australian Underground Services Pty Ltd
ITC Group
2008 TBE Group
Spectrum Survey & Mapping
The Ecology Lab
Micro Drainage
Bowler Geotechnical
2007 Buckland Engineers Australia
WRG Design
Low and Hooke
Truebridge Callendar Beach
Emerging Markets Group (EMG)
Saraceni Engineering Group
2006 Grogan Richards Consulting
Stanwill Consulting
Gilbert Rose Consulting
Forbes Rigby
2005 Ullman & Nolan Consulting Engineers
Eppell Olsen & Partners
Acil Australia
2004 Lawson & Treloar
BSD Consulting
Alexander Browne Cambridge
Young Consulting Engineers
2003 Taylors Consulting
2001 Colefax Clayton Smith
Willing & Partners
XP Software
1999 McMillan, Britton & Kell