Quality Assurance Management

The QA Reporter module for Cardno PetroPro Suite tracks your QA efforts and spending—and the results. With this valuable information, you can focus QA attention where it’s needed most.

Interactive graphs and business analytics include key performance indicators such as:
  • Supplier rejection rate
  • Components by rejection rate
  • Non-conformance reports
  • Third party inspection reports
You can use the quality application to retrieve report data; follow non-conformances; measure, benchmark, and track information for quality improvement; and assist in responding to quality issues.
Inspectors and other QA personnel use the QAR system to record quality data. Any authorized personnel can enter data, including external personnel and surveillance agencies. The guided input format provides consistent, comparable data that lends itself to automated reporting and analysis. Collected information also facilitates vendor performance analysis and other auditing processes.
With QAR, it is easy to compile all the inspection reports by project or track inspections for the year. Other KPIs, such as supplier rejection rate, failures by well, and components by rejection rate, can be graphed instantly—helping managers make key business decisions.
QAR data is also completely searchable. You can search by vendor, manufacturer, type, and many other details.