Oil and Gas Well Production

Cardno PPI has overseen production of more than 200 Bcf of gas and 345,000 bbl of oil for its customers in areas around the world.

Experienced production operations personnel ensure efficient flow from client production wells. Cardno PPI maintains technical asset production levels and reduces operating costs by managing expenses.
We help manage your production assets:
  • Onshore wells
  • Offshore wells (fixed and floating production facilities)
  • Subsea wells
Production personnel at the production platform or facility monitor well production from a master computer system. Production specialists comply with regulatory requirements and submit daily production reports to the customer as required. Under direction from client reservoir engineers, production personnel make adjustments to flow.
Production support personnel perform routine inspection and sampling services. They recommend the purchase of replacement parts, such as valves and seals, and create purchase orders for approval. They develop startup and operating procedures for the production facilities.
  • Production management
  • Production optimization
  • Facilities management
  • Production platform services (onsite or offshore In-house production support)
  • Field management
  • Monitoring production & metering
  • Monitoring production processing
  • Production optimization
  • Safety and regulatory compliance management