Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Workover

Cardno PPI offers Total Project Management for oil and gas developments.

Managing drilling, completion, workover, and plug-and-abandonment operations represents a significant portion of Cardno PPI activity. Our progressive approach made us pioneers in frac-packing, the setting of minimal structures from rigs, using coiled tubing flowlines, formulating drilling design advances, and implementing vendor participation financing.

We employ talented and reliable personnel who work together to enhance rig operations. Our field experts handle most day-to-day decision-making onsite while management at our headquarters handles policy matters.

Cardno PPI also provides Production Services.

Drilling and workover service offerings include

  • Project management and outsourcing
  • Experienced, highly skilled personnel on demand
  • Global rig management services
  • Drilling support
  • Drilling engineering support
  • Completion engineering support
  • Logistics & materials management (procurement) (supply chain)
  • Onsite and remote personnel
  • Well-to-surface monitoring
  • Streamlined purchasing and other activities
  • Startup and operating procedures