Management of Change

​The Cardno PetroPro software application offers an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach to management of change (MOC). The solution features an automated workflow.

Guided MOC Creation

The Cardno PPI software walks you through creation of an MOC request. Features customized for your company’s internal processes ensure that all requirements are met and that policy exemptions are properly requested and approved. Any authorized internal or external participant can work with the system, receiving email alerts and performing assigned tasks.
The MOC may require other processes, for instance hazards analyses, job safety analyses, and operational change requests. The Web-based solution can facilitate these processes as well.

MOC Reviewer Assignment and Orderly Review

When managers approve the request for further review, they specify an MOC review team to evaluate the health, safety, environmental, and other impacts of the suggested change. People assigned to the MOC request can collaborate from remote locations to initiate, evaluate, and review change requests. They can specify documents to update or create to support the change. The internal Library can store and make available these documents, plus drawings, photographs, SAFE charts, operating procedures, and more.
One of several advantages of an online system is digital signing, which allows recording of approval from remote participants. Another important feature is tracking of all data changes, enabling robust auditing processes. The system supports digital signatures to enable auditing and review processes.
As each required review is completed, the system sends notifications to the next person in the list. The system makes sure that the process is not stalled and that no reviewer is skipped.