Failure Investigations

Cardno PPI offers a mature software solution for oil and gas failure and incident investigations (FIRs).
Workflow management is seamless, with immediate email and text alerts for changes in investigation status. The system can also be set to alert users about excessive delays, so that FIRs do not stall.
The Web-based Cardno PetroPro application allows secure access from anywhere. Both your own personnel and external vendors and contractors can participate in the process of reporting and investigation. Granular permission control ensures that participants can view only the information you select as they manage their own action items.
Every part of the software captures change history, so that if required, you can review the FIR investigation step by step. The system supports digital signatures to enable auditing and review processes.
The software-as-a-service (SaaS) application is managed from a secure central location. It runs from a central database that lets you review current status of all investigations at a glance. Reports are automatically sent at intervals, and users can also retrieve reports about investigation status and participant responses.