Quality Assurance

​Cardno PPI provides timely insight into your oil and gas operations with services and software solutions for quality assurance and asset tracking. Our goal is continuous improvement and operational excellence for ourselves and our clients.

Through our cloud-based QA Reporter application, we also offer vendor performance analysis and other key performance indicator tracking.

Third Party Inspection

Our QC Specialists monitor the manufacturing and inspection of oil and gas components. We regularly represent clients at vendor facilities, construction sites, production facilities, drilling rigs, and other locations worldwide.

Our professionals develop customized inspection and test plans to meet your needs. We can also evaluate existing quality plans and offer constructive feedback and advice.

QA Reporter Software

QA Reporter (QAR) is a mature inspection reporting system. Already used by supermajors and independent oil companies, the software delivers information transparency. QA Reporter is a single system that will improve your overall quality outcomes through increased data visibility and enable you to make more informed decisions about where to spend quality dollars.

Traditionally, third-party inspection reports are presented in individual Microsoft Word or Excel documents. Each agency presents data differently, and there is no way to easily view quality trends. By comparison, QA Reporter provides consistent data reporting from all agencies. With QA Reporter, clients can retrieve single reports or view trends and key performance indicators for all reports on demand.

Inspectors and other QA personnel use the QAR system to record QA surveillance data. The guided input format enables consistent reporting to provide comparable data that lends itself to automated reporting and analysis. Collected information also enables equipment quality analysis and other auditing processes.

QAR is Web-accessible, so your company benefits immediately without costly hardware, administration, or software installation.

Inventory Management

QAR facilitates our inventory management service for oilfield equipment. This service is used by a supermajor to track drilling and production equipment in the Gulf of Mexico.

The system can be used alone, or we can provide inventory specialists to check in and check out equipment as it is stored, moved, and used in your project.

With this service, clients know what assets they have, where they are, and whether the equipment is ready for use. Custom implementations can schedule re-inspection, arrange maintenance, plan equipment rotation, and propose obsolescence and replacement dates, ensuring mechanical integrity of your equipment.

The software can notify users when equipment needs to be re-inspected or rotated and when maintenance is due. It can track important information such as purchase date and designated well. This information enables improved mechanical integrity management.

 Operational Excellence and Auditing

Designing, developing and implementing operational excellence systems to fit clients' unique individual needs will enable them to recognize the following benefits:
  • Consistency and Reliability
    > For operations worldwide
  • Operational Efficiencies
    > Cost avoidance and waste minimization
  • Brand Development and Recognition
    > Customer/industry recognition for driving contractual, technical and operational excellence (going beyond minimum contract requirements)
  • Effective Utilization of Resources

Knowledge transfer, personnel development, global consistency and competencies.

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