Well Engineering

​With a diversified core of experienced professionals, Cardno PPI offers all aspects of well engineering services. Our sweeping analysis and streamlined performance minimize unnecessary expenditures, which results in economical solutions to complicated problems.

We pride ourselves on providing thorough evaluation with a quick turnaround period.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Well design and project planning
  • Material and equipment analysis and qualification
  • Cost and feasibility studies
  • Tubular design and analysis
  • In-house client support
  • BSEE well certifications

Our engineers can provide thread and material recommendations for a broad range of high pressure-high temperature (HPHT) and corrosive environments including properly de-rating material based on temperature. Cardno PPI utilizes proprietary software for temperature modeling and for casing design.

Example Project: 26,000 ft MD subsea well drilled in 4,100 ft of water. Design challenges included drilling through a 10,480' salt section while maintaining the desired hole size to TD.


Well Design Certification

Cardno PPI reviews and certifies well designs, including new wells, reentries, sidetracks, plug backs, workovers, and P&A plans. We predict the flowing temperatures and buckling loads, analyze connections for suitability, select the appropriate materials for sour service, and analyze strings for the production phase load cases.

Cardno PPI has approved more well designs for the US Gulf of Mexico than any other provider since the United States began requiring well certification in 2010—about 1100 wells. We have also approved well designs in the United States, China, Israel, Cyprus, the Falkland Islands, Nicaragua, Morocco, Mauritania, and Suriname.
Cardno PPI can also evaluate cement designs as needed.