About Us

​Cardno PPI offers experienced personnel and best-in-class upstream, midstream, and downstream oilfield services.

  • Outsourcing and total project management services
  • Well engineering design and operational management
  • Well design certification meeting US Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement requirements
  • Quality assurance, asset tracking, and regulatory compliance services and software
  • Pipeline and facility design and installation
  • Industrial foundation services

With key offices across the globe and energy services managed through Houston, Cardno PPI cost-efficiently solves our customers’ business problems, operating in 14 countries including the US, Nigeria, and Malaysia. We provide professional services and solutions that promote cost-effective performance, while protecting the health and safety of our employees, clients, and the environment.

Efficient Services

Cardno PPI focuses on efficiency and safety. We streamline expenses, reduce total cost of operations, and maximize profitability without sacrificing quality. Our services include program-based and fixed-cost projects.

We adopt new technologies quickly to maintain our edge. The same spirit that made us pioneers in advanced tubular design, frac-packing, and Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) compliance is at your service. Cardno PPI will develop innovative, economic and safe solutions to your unique, most complex problems. We balance new technology use with due caution, incorporating an approach that reduces risk and promotes safety. The result is reduced nonproductive time and faster time to total depth—with safer operations.

Experienced Personnel

Cardno PPI employs experienced, talented, and reliable workers with field experience, dedicated to implementing our team-oriented approach to time management, planning, and efficiency. Cardno PPI field experts handle most day-to-day decision-making onsite, while management administers policy matters. We also foster teamwork between employees, suppliers, and customers to constantly improve service quality .