Justice Services and Stability for Development (JSS4D)

Location: Papua New Guinea; Australasia

The Justice Services and Stability for Development Program (JSS4D) is a four year AU$90 million program funded by the Australian Government which builds on the previous successes of the Law and Justice Sector Program (LJSP) and Papua New Guinea – Australian Law and Justice Partnership (PALJP), both also managed by Cardno,  and strives to increase sector reform ownership by key agencies.

JSS4D addresses the national priorities of law and order, combating corruption and reducing violence against women. PNG’s strategic frameworks prioritise reducing crime and social unrest to achieve the vision of a ‘just, safe and secure society for all’ as the foundation for improving economic and social development.

There are four key outcomes for JSS4D:

  • Community safety: Local level dispute resolution and conflict mediation mechanises in target areas are more effective, locally legitimate and available.
  • Addressing family and sexual violence: Women and others vulnerable to family and sexual violence increasingly access justice, legal protection and support services.
  • Effective law and justice services: Law and justice agencies deliver ethical and accountable core state functions, with a focus on accessibility, quality and service.
  • Anti-corruption: Target agencies and provinces demonstrate improved resistance to, detection, investigation and prosecution of corruption.

As the Implementing Service Provider to JSS4D, Cardno provides strategic and operational support to the Government of Australia and Government of PNG (the Partners) in financial management and procurement, human resource management and performance monitoring and assessment.

The JSS4D approach is grounded in the principles of integration and alignment with PNG’s law and justice sector policy framework, systems and processes. Papua New Guinean ownership and leadership of the reform agenda is essential to success. 

Cardno supports efforts to eliminate violence against women:
Since 2004, Cardno has managed successive Australian Government law and justice programs in Papua New Guinea. Fundamental to these programs is addressing ‘family and sexual violence’ (FSV, as gender-based violence is commonly known in PNG).
Specifically, the program focuses on increasing survivors’ access to law and justice services, and strengthening referral pathways to medical, psychosocial, protection and other essential services. The establishment of ‘family and sexual violence units’ (FSVUs) seeks to address both these objectives.
Key highlights of JSS4D’s work in this area in 2016 include:
  • JSS4D and the Royal PNG Constabulary (RPNGC) opened PNG’s 17th Family and Sexual Violence Unit in Kerema, Gulf Province.
  • Release of an independent investigation into FSVUs, to assess their effectiveness, relevance and sustainability; and identify improvements for future service delivery.
  • JSS4D has continued its efforts to increase survivors’ access to the range of services to which they are entitled – medical, legal, psychosocial and protection. JSS4D supports law and justice sector agencies, together with non-government organisations, service providers, civil society groups and communities to strengthen coordination and referral pathways between the various services providers. JSS4D works with the National Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee to support robust referral pathways through its local committees across Papua New Guinea.

Please click here for more about JSS4D’s efforts to address family and sexual violence in PNG, including a case study.

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Photo credit: Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) / Papua New Guinea – Australian Law and Justice Partnership (PALJP)