Connecting remote fishing regions with high value markets in PNG: photo diary


​The Cardno-managed Market Development Facility (MDF) recently published an insightful field photo diary that transports you to the remote Baimuru region in Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea - sharing how MDF works with partners like Luxembourg Investments to connect fishers in the area with high value markets in Papua New Guinea.

Luxembourg Investments is a Port Moresby-based investment firm with a strong presence and in-depth community experience in and around the Baimuru and Purari areas of remote, Gulf province. They will be developing a supply model of sourcing local products and supplying to high value markets, improving the links between physically disconnected suppliers and the demand centres that includes setting up cold storage facilities to keep the fish fresh, as well as improving processing for local products to open up the most lucrative income opportunities to this remote part of Papua New Guinea. Read the full story.

Funded by the Australian Government, MDF supports private sector development in Fiji, Timor-Leste, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea. It creates sustainable livelihoods, boosts growth and creates jobs through partnerships with local business.

For more information, please visit the MDF project page, the MDF website or contact the MDF Team Leader or Contractor Representative.

Dr Harald Bekkers
MDF Team Leader

Gavin Wyngaard
Contractor Representative