Cardno shares insights on improving outcomes in coastal management


​Senior coastal engineer, Phebe Bicknell, will deliver a presentation at the Coast to Coast 2018 Conference on 18 April in Hobart.

The biennial national coastal management conference, hosted by the Australian Coastal Society in Tasmania, is held from 16-20 April. This year’s theme is, “Meeting on the Margin”.

Phebe will present a paper titled, Finding the Middle Ground: Improving Accessibility of Technical Coastal Knowledge and Advice.

Phebe-coast2coast_400 x 300.png

The paper addresses the challenge of translating technical information into meaningful and beneficial applications for coastal managers and planners, to help inform decision making in managing, adapting and protecting coastlines.

Technically sound and informative studies are potentially being underutilised due to the gap that exists between the science and practical management realities. Phebe discusses that, to maximise the value in the work undertaken, it is important to find a middle ground in presenting findings and technical rigour of these analyses and the real-world application of results.

Through numerous projects around Australia, Cardno has worked with coastal managers and planners in an effort to achieve this goal. Phebe presents key learnings in undertaking this process, including the importance of project scope and expectations, terminology and use of real-world applications, and puts forward some recommendations to improve the resulting product for more beneficial outcomes.

Find out more about the Coast to Coast 2018 Conference here or find out more about Phebe’s work by contacting:

Phebe Bicknell
Senior Coastal Engineer
+61 3 8415 7777