Cardno presents at PTV Australia User Group Meeting


​Cardno will deliver a presentation on the topic of modelling parallel parking and its impact on traffic networks at the 10th PTV Australia User Group Meeting held on 8 November in Sydney, Australia.

Ivo Pais and Ghaith Farfour from NSW Transport business unit will team up and present on the topic of modelling parallel parking and its impact on traffic networks. The presentation focuses on the challenges faced and the benefits of including on-street parking manoeuvres for study areas with high parking turnover. It is based on a microsimulation traffic model that Cardno developed using VISSIM 9 software. The project investigated the most appropriate method to model on-street parking along Spit Junction, Mosman, NSW to achieve a realistic model and appropriate validation criteria.

Ivo Pais, a traffic engineering and modelling manager at Cardno, leads Cardno's traffic engineering and modelling team in Sydney, Australia. Ivo has worked in the transport planning and traffic engineering industry since 2005, gaining extensive experience in consulting and in the public sector. He is highly experienced in delivering a broad range of transport projects including traffic modelling (Aimsun, VISSIM, Paramics), strategic transport studies, traffic impact assessments, corridor studies, congestion management, public transport studies, parking management and integrated transport planning.

Ghaith Farfour, a senior traffic engineer at Cardno, has nine years of experience in planning and traffic engineering for roadway and transit systems projects. He is experienced in all kinds of level of service analyses for roads, intersections and interchanges and has knowledge in transportation modelling and traffic simulation. He has worked on traffic impact studies, traffic assessments, parking studies and transit systems projects and is proficient in the use of transportation modelling and planning, simulation, and analysis software packages including VISUM, VISSIM, VISTRO, EMME2/3, SIDRA, LINSIG and HCS.

PTV User Group Meeting Australia is part of the Global User Group Meetings 2017 organised by PTV Group between August and December. The meetings bring together transportation professionals from public authorities, consultancies and academics to share their interesting and innovative projects and best practices. To learn more about the Global User Group Meetings 2017, visit here.


For more information contact:

Ivo Pais
Traffic Engineering and Modelling Manager
+61 2 9496 7700
Ghaith Farfour
Senior Traffic Engineer
+61 2 9496 7700