Flood management experts present at Floodplain Management Australia (FMA) National Conference


​Cardno will deliver two presentations at the Floodplain Management Australia (FMA) National Conference in Newcastle, May 16-19.

Luke Evans, a Water Engineer based in our Melbourne office, will present on Comparing Modelled and Actual Flood Behaviour in the Camden LGA. He will discuss how effectively flood models calibrated and validated against past events are capable of accurately representing flooding from future rainfall events.

Joshua Coates was Project Manager for Cardno’s review of the performance of the City of Launceston’s flood management plan during the 2016 flood. He will join Michael Newby from the City of Launceston in presenting Managing the 2016 Flood in Launceston – The Plan vs Reality. The presentation describes the challenges the City of Launceston faced at the time and how the plan responded to a real event. They will also discuss how flood emergency management is addressed within an ever-changing local government organisation.

Luke is an environmental and civil engineer with six years' experience in environmental biology and skills gained throughout Australia and internationally on a range of projects. He is currently focused on undertaking floodplain risk management studies and working with councils and their communities to develop mutually-beneficial risk management strategies.

Joshua Coates is a civil engineer with five years' experience in hydraulics, with specific expertise in hydraulic design, hydraulic analysis, flood emergency management and asset management working in local government.

The FMA conference provides a forum for practitioners to share and discuss topical floodplain issues at national and individual state and territory levels.

For more information contact:

Luke Evans
Water Engineer
+61 2 9496 7713