Cardno expert decodes the Global and Regional Sea Level Rise Scenarios for the United States Technical Report


On 2 April 2017, Cardno’s Senior Principal Oceanographer and member of the Victorian Coastal Council, David Provis, was invited by ‘Radio Marinara’, a marine and coastal news program presented by the Triple R Station, to interpret the latest publication by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Global and Regional Sea Level Rise Scenarios for the United States.

During the interview, our Cardno expert explained how global mean sea level models developed in this technical report will be a key input into the U.S. Global Change Research Program assessment process to link scenario-based and probabilistic projections of future sea levels for coastal-risk planning, management of long-lived critical infrastructure, and other purposes.

“This report focuses on the latest scientific results and how to use these to upgrade the estimates of the possible range of sea-level rise by 2100. It describes how “plausible pathways” can set bounds on the change in global mean sea-level. The lower bound is 0.3 m – the minimum plausible rise by 2100 and the upper bound is 2.5 m which is their “extreme” upper-bound scenario.  These values are to be used by the US government in planning for the future”, David Provis commented.

David is a Senior Principal at Cardno and has more than 30-years’ experience in coastal oceanography including the design and execution of oceanographic field work, data analysis and numerical modelling. He leads the Cardno Melbourne-based team in the Coast and Ocean team of the Water and Environment Business Unit. His experience includes aspects of marine meteorology and the application of measured data in operational situations as well as in numerical modelling. He has expertise in the analysis and interpretation of sea-level and tides. David is also a member of the National Committee on Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Engineers Australia.

If you’d like to listen to the interview, please visit the Triple R Station page here and start at minute 30.

For more information contact:

David Provis
Senior Principal Oceanographer, NSW Water & Environment
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