Papua New Guinea Australia Law and Justice Partnership (PALJP)

Location: Papua New Guinea; Australasia

The Papua New Guinea Australia Law and Justice Partnership (PALJP) was a six-year and eight month AU$116 million program funded by the Australian Government which built on the previous success of the Law and Justice Sector Program and strived to increase sector reform ownership by key agencies.

The key outcomes saw: law and justice agencies achieve measurable progress against sector goals; integration of Australian government assistance into PNG systems; increased linkages between formal and traditional law and justice services; and capacity developed beyond national agency headquarters in Port Moresby and with non-government stakeholders.

As the Implementing Service Provider to the PALJP, Cardno provided strategic and operational support to the Government of Australia and Government of PNG (the Partners) in financial management and procurement, human resource management and performance monitoring and assessment.

The PALJP approach was grounded in the principles of integration and alignment with PNG’s law and justice sector policy framework, systems and processes. Papua New Guinean ownership and leadership of the reform agenda is essential to success.  

For more information on this important project, view this short video. PALJP is the predecessor of Justice Services and Stability for Development (JSS4D).

Cardno empowers women in PNG:

The Papua New Guinea-Australia Law and Justice Partnership – Transition Program (PALJP-TP) focused on enabling better economic development through enhanced service delivery in the areas of community safety, stability and crime prevention. PALJP-TP was intended to provide complementary, flexible and responsive bridging support in the period 1 July 2014 to 31 December 2015 that assists the Government of PNG to achieve continued progress against its policies for law and justice reform, better access to justice and improved service delivery to the people of Papua New Guinea.

One of PALJP-TP’s outcomes was for women and others vulnerable to gender-based violence (commonly known as family and sexual violence in PNG) have greater access to justice, legal protection and support services. PALJP-TP assisted the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) to prevent and reduce gender-based violence. Below are a few of PALJP-TP supports to the RPNGC:

  • The opening of 16 new Family and Sexual Violence Units, and four (4) Family and Sexual Violence Desks (under PALJP from 2009-2014, and PALJP-TP 2014-2015).
  • In the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, PALJP-TP supported the establishment of a safe house for survivors of violence in Buin.
  • Sensitising officers stationed in Family and Sexual Violence Units and Desks to gender issues and family and sexual violence through comprehensive training courses.

On November 26, PALJP-TP launched the Referral Guidelines for Survivors of gender-based violence in PNG.

To find out more about PALJP-TP's work and initiatives with RPNGC and other law and justice partners to eliminate violence against women and empower women in PNG, please read this two-page flyer: Eliminating violence against women and empowering women in PNG.


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