Australia-Asia Program to Combat Trafficking in Persons (AAPTIP)

Location: Cambodia; Indonesia; Lao Peoples Democratic Republic; Myanmar; Philippines; Thailand; Vietnam; Asia

The Australia-Asia Program to Combat Trafficking in Persons (AAPTIP) is a five-year (2013-2018) AU$50 million initiative of the Australian aid program that aims to reduce the incentives and opportunities for trafficking of persons in the Association of South East Asia Nations (ASEAN) region.

AAPTIP builds on Australia’s long-term support for programs to strengthen the criminal justice response to human trafficking in Asia. These programs include the Asia Regional Cooperation to Prevent People Trafficking (ARCPPT; 2003–2006)  and the Asia Regional Trafficking in Persons Project (ARTIP: 2006–2013).

AAPTIP focuses on the prosecution pillar of anti-trafficking at the national and regional level. Support will be provided to the ASEAN Secretariat and partner countries Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

AAPTIP will strengthen the criminal justice response to trafficking by: enhancing regional and national investigative and judicial cooperation on trafficking cases; strengthening legislative frameworks; providing adequate support for victim-witnesses; and expanding the evidence base for policy development and decision-making.

In successfully managing both ARCPPT and ARTIP, Cardno assisted the Australian Aid program to build the capacity of law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges, and set international standards for the basic building blocks of a functioning criminal justice system.

On AAPTIP, Cardno’s key role is to provide high-quality, tailored capacity development and institutional strengthening support.

Find out more information about AAPTIP via the project website.


Cardno supports efforts to eliminate modern day slavery, and to give hope to victims of trafficking:

Currently, Cardno is implementing the next phase of the Australian Government’s anti-trafficking initiative in Asia, AAPTIP, from August 2013 to June 2018. We are working with law and justice agencies in Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, and will be collaborating closely with the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). An effective criminal justice system has an important role to play in the prevention of human trafficking and the protection of its victims, who often aren’t able to access legal aid, counselling and welfare services, and may not be aware of their rights. Our technical assistance on AAPTIP supports countries in the area of victim-witness support. Cardno will continue to build and strengthen formal partnerships and arrangements between governments, justice agencies, and the civil society responsible for providing victim-witness support services.

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