Social Impact Assessment

Cardno believes that the management of social liabilities – guided by early and appropriate consideration of impacts and development and implementation of effective impact management plans – can result in higher earnings for the companies involved as well as benefit the environment and local communities.

Our specialists offer comprehensive services in determining impacts within the social, economic and political environments. We conduct baseline studies and assess potential impacts in socio-economic areas such as institutional and governance structures, demographics, education, health, physical infrastructure, water and energy, local economy, livelihoods, transport, land use, resettlement and cultural heritage.
Cardno’s team of professionals supports companies in meeting accepted international performance standards (IFC, Equator Principles, OGP) in the area of social impact assessments. From these assessments we help companies develop, implement and monitor plans to mitigate and manage potential impacts.
In undertaking a social impact assessment, Cardno engages with stakeholders and local communities through mapping, active consultation, continuous engagement and recording and feedback.