Cardno offers world class expertise in the nearshore environment, providing services in the support of engineering investigations and design and physical processes analysis across the full environmental and ecological spectrums. 

Our professional engineering teams provide specialist expertise in the preparation of coastal zone management plans, erosion and shoreline change assessments, cyclone and tsunami inundation assessments, sea level rise mapping and impact assessments. 

Our environmental teams carry out comprehensive modelling for effluent disposal and contamination dispersal studies, while our ecological teams complete detailed site investigations for species determinations and impact assessments. 

We deliver insights using numerical modelling for all coastline types, numerical modelling for all types of estuaries, collection of met-ocean data (including tides, waves, currents, wind, water quality, using both real time and stand-alone systems), ecological investigations (including benthos, fish, aquatic vegetation, corals and marine megafauna) and cliff stability investigations.