Native Plant Nursery

Cardno operates a 130-acre, full-service native plant nursery in the United States to provide quality-assured native seed and plant material for restoration, mitigation, and native landscaping projects.
Our seed is tested at independent laboratories for purity and germination to determine Pure Live Seed (PLS) ratio, measure purity percentage and viability, and give our clients the highest quality seed. Our plant material is primarily grown in round plugs inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi. This configuration promotes development of vigorous root systems, minimises the tendency of a plant to become root-bound, and improves survival rates in the field.
We also track the origin of our plant material to ensure that it is appropriate for the project site, and our native plant experts find donor sites within the region to collect material needed to provide a diverse mix of suitable species.
To improve the success rate of planting, Cardno also prepares sites by identifying existing native plants, removing unwanted vegetation, stabilising erodible areas and preparing plant and seed beds. Our native plant experts then use a wide variety of techniques, such as broadcasting and no-till drilling, to optimise planting based on the characteristics of your restoration site.
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