Cardno has designed, implemented and maintained thousands of mitigation projects, and understands what is necessary to implement successful, cost-effective mitigation plans.
Our diverse staff has multidisciplinary expertise, which means we can provide integrated services throughout the full lifecycle of mitigation efforts – from initial permitting negotiations to comprehensive maintenance programs to ensure permit compliance.
Cardno’s in-depth experience means that we can recognise issues early in mitigation efforts and proactively address these before they significantly impact a project’s outcome.
Our comprehensive services include providing field evaluations, developing site-specific mitigation plans for permit approval, monitoring the results and providing reports for submittal to agencies and controlling the colonisation of undesirable or exotic species.
Wetland Mitigation
Cardno understands how the presence of wetlands can impact land-use decisions. Our teams are experienced in dealing with all types of wetlands, ranging from freshwater marshes and fens to constructed treatment wetlands.
Our professional wetland scientists provide a full range of services, including field evaluation, identifying regulated wetlands, and developing and implementing site-specific mitigation plans. When we develop wetland mitigation plans, we engage authorities early to design and implement projects that meet all requirements, and often annually monitor and evaluate the wetlands to maintain compliance. Our teams assess permit-specific success criteria and recommend any necessary management activities such as supplemental plantings or additional water control.
We also design, permit, construct, plant, monitor and maintain wetland and stream mitigation banks, which allow clients to purchase credits in the bank rather than creating and maintaining new wetlands, which provides numerous financial benefits.
Sustainable Design
At Cardno, we are intrinsically aware of the impact that sustainable design can have on preserving today’s natural resources.  We deliver design solutions that mesh organically with functionality. When providing services for development projects, Cardno seeks to achieve project outcomes while being sensitive to the impact to the surrounding community so we can meet sustainability’s triple bottom line of economy, environment, and equity.

Cardno has extensive experience in developing natural stormwater management solutions, providing regulatory compliance support, modeling impacted areas, and evaluating cost-benefit returns on various green vs. conventional alternatives. We have provided design and planning services for thousands of projects, including creating Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified, low impact, or sustainable design projects, and obtaining LEED Gold certification on one of only 22 hotels worldwide and one of only two city halls in the US.