Marine Environment

Cardno offers world class expertise in marine, freshwater and estuarine ecology, in tropical and temperate environments. 

We use these skills to provide high level services including the preparation of major project approvals and documents involving impacts to the marine environment. Our clients include governments and government agencies, multidisciplinary engineering companies, private developers and individuals.
Cardno’s expert services include the design and implementation of aquatic monitoring programs and high level of capability in statistical analyses and assessments. Our extensive knowledge encompasses marine megafauna, expertise in coral, macroalgal, seagrass and soft bottom communities, protected area and threatened species, population and communities, benthic primary producer communities, and monitoring mangrove, seagrass and saltmarsh ecology using false colour imagery.
We also have technical expertise in habitat mapping and modelling using satellite aerial imagery and field validation, e.g. diving, underwater noise assessments, taxonomic and analytical services using in-house laboratory facilities, and assessing and monitoring impacts of desalination activities and dredging, spoil disposal and beach nourishment in estuarine, ocean beach and offshore habitats.