Law and Justice

A transparent, accountable and accessible justice system plays a significant role in safeguarding the rights of people and building the foundations for democratic governance and the rule of law.  Cardno helps to develop sound legal systems, improves access to justice for the poor and vulnerable and builds the capacity of law and justice agencies worldwide. 

Cardno places a heavy focus on developing human resources, facilitating skills transfer to develop local capacity and promoting sustainable outcomes. Our provision of specialist support to institutions also focuses on establishing or reinforcing existing sector-specific policy and procedures.
Law and justice solutions must be holistic, incorporating both top-down and bottom-up approaches. Our programs promote partnerships between government and non-government stakeholders in order to effectively stimulate both supply and demand. 
We have built an outstanding record in the law and justice sector through a combination of local knowledge, cultural awareness and a highly participatory approach.
Cardno law and justice sector development involves:
  • court establishment and administration including case management
  • legal education and awareness
  • crime prevention and restorative justice
  • legal system monitoring and evaluation
  • judicial policy and reform including anti-corruption and human rights
  • governance and legal institution strengthening
  • policing and corrections.