Cardno employs engineers and scientists with expertise in geology, hydrogeology, geomorphology, self-mitigating flood and erosion protection, sustainable land management and water resources.

Our understanding of how rivers, streams and floodwaters erode the earth and create, transport and deposit sediment and debris is coupled with cutting-edge data collection and modelling technology. Taking an integrated approach allows Cardno’s professionals to engineer naturally-functioning channels, banks and floodplains that protect habitats and infrastructure.
We are pioneers in the design of engineered log jam (ELJ) technology and have developed self-mitigating “dolotimber” technology, which is used to protect riverside communities and enhance aquatic habitats.
Restoration, engineering, and geomorphology
Cardno provides expertise in both water resources engineering and natural system management, which equates to understanding the cause and effect relationships between water infrastructure development and its influence on natural processes. We develop sustainable solutions that protect sensitive resources and infrastructure including habitat, rivers and streams, recreational facilities, roads and pipelines.
Our experience spans the full spectrum of project development, from concept to construction supervision and post project monitoring. We can lead large-scale restoration programs or provide individual technical components (e.g., hydrologic modeling, in-stream flow assessment, geomorphic studies, or aquatic habitat inventories).
Cardno is also proficient at meeting expectations from multiple regulatory agencies and organisations with diverse interests and responsibilities. Our teams have successfully negotiated agreements on restoration approaches by guiding stakeholders through complex technical and permitting issues