Food Security

Cardno’s expertise in post-conflict management and sustainable rural development is paired with a thorough understanding of the issues surrounding the development, diversification and strengthening of rural communities and local economies. Sustainable progress in governance and poverty reduction is critical to improving access to food.

We work with governments, international relief agencies and communities to address food insecurity through the design and implementation of strategies to reduce poverty and improve the economic and social health of nations affected by natural and man-made disasters.
Our medium-term capacity-building strategies help to draft and advance agricultural policies and practices, to strengthen planning, research, technology transfer and dissemination, and to assist local communities with land tenure and titling.
Longer term, we identify sector constraints and opportunities, to improve access to agricultural inputs and support services, raise competitiveness, improve marketing, address the discrimination against women by improving access to credit and decision-making and to raise the quality and safety of food.