Flooding and Drainage

Cardno provides expert stormwater and floodplain management analysis and investigation based on decades of experience at hundreds of project sites and watersheds.  Services provided include design and planning that includes Water Sensitive Urban Design (Australia), grey to green conversion (USA), conservation, and low impact development (LID) techniques.

We use state-of-the-art hydraulic and hydrological modeling software to map the project site and calculate flood hydrographs.  We then create innovative, design solutions which meet client needs and provide real value to projects, such as reducing flooding and erosion, improving water quality, conveying and treating water in restricted areas, reducing loads on sewer systems, meeting regulations and delivering green sustainable solutions.
Our watershed and stormwater professionals work at the forefront of sustainable environmental management to empower communities and clients to practice smart growth principles. We integrate our ecology, landscape, stream restoration, environmental planning, and compliance practices to plan, develop, and implement natural stormwater best management practices, and green infrastructure solutions. Cardno solutions guide future development, reduce costs and impacts, offer low impact stormwater management plans to reduce  contamination, create open green spaces for people and wildlife and support healthy streams, lakes and wetlands.
Catchment and Watershed Management
Cardno has worked extensively in multi-stakeholder settings to assist water resource managers and watershed planning groups in creating workable plans at watershed scales. We assist clients with watershed management and implementation plans, watershed stormwater improvement master plans, stream and biological inventories and problem area assessments, and the development and design of natural system-based water quality improvement measures and Best Management Practices (BMPs).
Cardno is also actively engaged in the consideration of significant water quality issues such as nutrient standards, total maximum daily loads (TMDLs), water quality trading, and quantifying economic and ecosystem benefits.
Erosion Control
To stabilise shorelines, stream banks, steep slopes, and other areas prone to erosion, Cardno first identifies peak water velocities and hydraulic behaviour and then estimates how performance will change under different design and engineering scenarios. We then develop erosion control that uses bioengineering techniques and deep-rooted native plants to accommodate various slope ratings, channel speeds, and biodegradability requirements.