Environmental Management

Cardno is a leader in delivering environmental management solutions to public and private clients across a wide range of industries.

Our integrated services include water resources management, natural resource management, environmental permitting and compliance, and environmental liability management. We perform ecological screenings to determine what resources are present, develop plans to protect onsite resources and maintain their function and aesthetics, and create restoration plans that restore natural resources to their full function.
We develop cost-efficient solutions that meet regulatory requirements and uphold client objectives. Our staff provides expertise in environmental sciences, engineering, economics, regulatory compliance, and litigation, and our multifaceted approach allows us to identify alternatives that bring real value to your operations and the environment.
Our goal is our clients’ goal: sustainable environmental solutions to shape the future.
Natural Resource Structured Decision Making
Cardno uses structured decision making (SDM) to evaluate different natural resource options and consequences, and establish an effective framework for making stronger, well-informed decisions.
Our process encompasses a simple set of concepts and helpful steps, rather than a rigidly-prescribed approach, for problem solving. Key elements include decision making based on clearly articulated objectives, addressing uncertainty, and responding transparently to legal mandates and public preferences or values. Our SDM process integrates science and policy, which is essential when making decisions regarding natural resource management.
The decision process consists of several elements: management objectives, decision options, and predictions of decision outcomes. By analysing each component separately within a comprehensive decision framework, it is possible to improve decision-making.  SDM is particularly useful for complex natural resource challenges where public sector decisions involve multiple decision makers and stakeholders with diverse objectives, goals and perspectives.
Cardno restores impacted environments to support regulatory compliance, remediate historically degraded sites, and improve overall ecological functionality.
Cardno’s team of experienced biologists, restoration ecologists, and field professionals provide a full suite of restoration services, including:
  • Assessing sites and creating plans that recommend appropriate environmental restoration methods
  • Controlling erosion and stabilising shorelines, including lake and stream enhancement, using native plants and bioengineering solutions
  • Restoring and mitigating wetlands
  • Providing construction oversight services during installation
  • Maintaining projects over time, including managing, treating, and removing invasive and exotic species.