Education opens opportunities for children and youth to escape poverty, enables communities to make informed choices about their future and unlocks the potential of poor countries to develop enterprise and generate incomes. An educated population strengthens political and social inclusion, and contributes to more responsive and accountable government.

Cardno’s integrated education development approach is focused on harnessing the investments of governments, donors, charitable organisations and the private sector to achieve education goals.
We work to increase access to schools through school infrastructure development in poor, rural and remote locations. By providing technical support we aim to improve management of financial investments, train teachers and develop relevant curriculum.  We also apply information and communications technology to enable a greater education reach.
By establishing institutional development of tertiary and vocational opportunities, we’re building the standards and competitiveness of the young workforce.
The Cardno approach is to strengthen education policies and systems, modernise methods and help governments to utilise performance-based evidence for education investment decision making.