Construction Supervision

Cardno works with architects, engineers, owners and project participants throughout each phase of a project – from initial feasibility to post-construction operations – to resolve technical issues as they develop and assure construction meets even the most stringent design specifications.
We routinely provide assistance in the construction of foundations, highways, railroads, dams, bridges, towers, buildings, airports, industrial plants, water supply and wastewater treatment facilities, dock and waterway facilities, power plants and many other construction projects. Depending on the client’s needs, the job size and complexity, Cardno can offer full-time, site-based resident engineers or part-time inspection staff.
We understand that a construction project can entail various sources of funding and multiple stakeholders. To help simplify complexities, we maintain complete and accurate records of all contractor work activities, payment, field sampling and testing as well as photographic records of significant activities and events. Our records are always available for client review, and Cardno provides periodic reports to comply with both client needs and contract requirements.