Climate Change

Climate change is acknowledged to be the biggest challenge facing our generation. Cardno’s climate change specialists work with our infrastructure, buildings, development, transport planning and environmental specialists to provide a total solution for addressing climate change.
Our highly-qualified staff conduct both regional and site specific assessments and identify proposed mitigation and adaptation actions to meet legislative and corporate requirements. This includes seeking more carbon-efficient operations and pursuing renewable energy options. Our economics team contributes to the assessments in cost:benefit evaluation of all of these types of actions.
Cardno’s specialists can advise specifically on suitability of alternate materials to achieve sustainability outcomes in the design of buildings and in civil engineering projects. We have experience in assessing climate-induced risks to land property and infrastructure.
Cardno’s range of services include, sustainability assessments and management plans, assessments of greenhouse gas emissions (for construction and operations), identification and assessment of mitigation strategies (including carbon sequestration and renewable energy solutions), identification and cost:benefit analysis of adaptation and mitigation strategies, complex simulations of future behaviour of coastal, estuarine, riverine and floodplain environments, planning and design of urban development for climate change, and sustainability and climate change policy.
Some of Cardno’s recent climate change project work includes:
United States
  • Climate Change Risk-based Threat and Vulnerability Analysis for NOAA: Conducted multi-phased risk-based threat vulnerability analysis for the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
  • Manly Council Climate Change Assessment: Comprehensive identification of climate change adaption and mitigation measures and economic prioritisation of actions.
  • Lake Macquarie Environmental Security Model: Development of a model assessing the likely change to environmental variables over the next 100 years
  • Parramatta River Estuary Coastal Zone Management Plan: Co-ordinated strategic planning along the entire Parramatta River estuary to manage environmental, climate change, community and safety issues
Solomon Islands
  • Climate Change Road Infrastructure Upgrades: Bridge and road design incorporating economic analysis of viability under climate change scenarios and optimisation of development timeframes.
  • Emergency Assistance Project: Restored essential infrastructure and access to social services; constructed infrastructure less vulnerable to climate change and natural hazards; and build capacity of contractors, consultants and government staff.
Papua New Guinea
  • South Fly Village Relocation Feasibility Study: Identify likelihood of climate change associated inundation and need/potential for village relocation.
South Africa
  • Provision of Research, Procurement and Secretarial Services for Climate Change Mitigation Policy: Research, procurement, secretarial and technical assistance services to support the implementation of national climate change mitigation policy and strategy to support transition to a low-carbon economy.
Botswana; Malawi; Namibia; Zimbabwe; South Africa
  • Technical Assistance to SADC Regional Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis: Working on response to climate change, poverty and livelihood vulnerability across the region, while examining what climate change will mean for children’s nutrition in the medium and long term.
Asia and Africa
  • Applied Research on Rural Roads and Transport Services through Community Access Programmes: Collecting, generating, analysing and disseminating high quality, applied research to assist local partners achieve all-weather, climate resilient and affordable rural transport to poor communities.