Asset Management

Cardno is a leader in helping clients maximise the economic life and value of their natural and built assets by monitoring performance, risk and expenditure.

With an integrated service approach, our teams support clients’ missions and organisational goals while managing the full lifecycle of assets. From enterprise asset consulting and master planning to facility condition assessments and software implementation, we offer customised solutions across a wide range of industries.
Whatever our clients’ goals - to reduce energy use, maximise productivity of space, plan for capital expenditures, upgrade aging infrastructure, or comply with government requirements - we have the experience needed to identify the best strategies to enhance overall performance.
Cardno can help clients to gain an accurate, detailed view of assets as they exist today, identifying potential risks and capital expenditures. The information we gather and report allows clients to make informed, timely decisions, plan strategically, reduce risks and make wise investments.
Energy efficiency and sustainability
With first-hand experience managing the energy programs and budgets of facilities in both the private and public sectors, our staff will identify existing inefficiencies and identify opportunities to save energy. Our energy conservation measures pay themselves off quickly and deliver savings across our clients’ assets’ full lifecycles.
Legacy Site and Land Portfolio Management
Cardno works with private landholding clients to help maximise the value of their entire property portfolio - including real estate, business, natural resource, and eco-asset values. We evaluate impaired land assets and develop value-based repositioning options, risk mitigation and brownfield redevelopment strategies to unlock trapped value from underperforming land assets.

Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) for Natural Assets
Cardno scientists and economists are able to maximise the value of corporate and privately-held natural resource assets and minimise the costs of their natural resource liabilities. We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques that identify the value and costs of alternative management plans using a systematic, transparent process that reflects your goals and objectives.
Software implementation and data management
Cardno’s Software as a Service (SaaS) turns disconnected data into dynamic information. We provide clients with a software solution that provides real-time data to manage all information on assets and prioritise and schedule work orders to address current conditions. From Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to SharePoint to customised software applications, Cardno can help provide the right software solution to meet specific asset management needs. 
Cardno’s goal is to empower our clients by allowing them to make informed decisions and manage their assets in real time. We work with our clients to develop and implement training programs that make asset management systems easy to learn and use.