Agricultural Development

Agriculture plays a key role in food security and economic development and most of the world’s population in rural areas depends directly or indirectly on agriculture for their livelihoods.  Yet as the world’s population increases and migration to towns and cities intensifies, so the proportion of people not producing food will grow. 

This global shift in settlement patterns and the numbers and distribution of consumers is accelerating the demand for high-value, low-cost marketable produce and challenging the world to develop high-impact, sustainable solutions to food supply and distribution.
Working in partnership with donors, national and regional governments, NGOs, private and public sector clients as well as directly with farmers and communities, Cardno is helping to:
  • shape improved policy, trade and regulatory environments
  • address input supply constraints
  • boost the productivity and competitiveness of owner-occupied smallholder farmers
  • improve access to capital, technology and skills
  • encourage investment and assist in the design of appropriate transport, storage and marketing infrastructure
  • help bring about improved land and water management
  • support the management of agricultural research and the dissemination
  • implement sustainable and energy-efficient technologies.  

Agricultural Economics

Cardno economists provide expertise in a wide array of agriculture-related areas, including market analysis, crop enterprise budgeting, agricultural production, water resources, irrigation, farm management, soil conservation, and pesticide drift. We also analyse the effects of policy changes on agricultural businesses and prepare comprehensive resource development plans.