Violet Ketani

Project Manager, P4 Project

Violet Ketani is one of Cardno’s most passionate public health specialists, with strong expertise in health systems strengthening, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building, HIV/AIDS, and public-private partnerships.

As Manager at Cardno, she serves as the home office Program Manager for “P4”.  This is a major project funded by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention that supports the Office of Global AIDS Coordinator in scaling up and managing Public-Private Partnerships in PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief) and Ebola countries. The project has currently been implemented in several countries including Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Rwanda.

Previously, Violet managed the USAID-funded Zambia Prevention, Care and Treatment program, a major project that works with the Zambian Ministry of Health to maximize access, equity, quality and sustainability in HIV/AIDS service delivery in Zambia.

“My work directly supports the United States Government agenda for an AIDS free generation. Primarily, I work to ensure health systems are strengthened to better respond to the epidemic. I make sure that our projects are responding in the right way - through the right interventions in the right place at the right time, in order to meet the President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief goals,” says Violet.

Based in Washington DC, her job at Cardno takes her across Africa on a wide range of projects to improve the health and wellbeing of people in vulnerable countries.

“In Tanzania we’re using cutting edge mobile solutions to scale up and sustain health programs, particularly those targeted for women. In Botswana we’ve improved health information tools and systems, and in Nigeria, we’re working to increase demand of HIV/AIDS health services, particularly in the area of counselling and testing among young people,” says Violet.

Born in Zambia and fluent in the Zambian languages of Bemba, Nyanja and Ngoni, she has a long history of helping to deliver various transformational projects across Africa. She says Cardno has provided her with great opportunities for personal and professional growth.

“I joined Cardno in 2009 as a Project Coordinator dedicated to a project in Zambia. Over the years, Cardno has provided me mentorship and opportunity to grow within the company,” she says.

“Because Cardno management processes are streamlined, I am exposed to various aspects of the business, from business development to corporate reporting and project management. This well rounded exposure has honed my skills, making me versatile to serve various project and company needs. My work is so far from monotonous and I’m always learning something new about the business, which is an invaluable benefit to me.”

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