Phebe Bicknell

Senior Engineer

Environmental Engineer Phebe Bicknell’s career has taken her from Denmark to Australia and many places in between.

With a double degree in Environmental Engineering and Science and working in Cardno’s Coastal and Ocean team in Melbourne, today she works on exciting projects in diverse locations across Australia.

“We work on projects all over the place, many of which require extensive fieldwork in interesting locations. From site visits to instrument deployments, heading out in the field can range from a trip to the beach to a day on a boat,” says Phebe.

With particular expertise in metocean and environmental data collection and management, Phebe uses measurements and models to assist in understanding environmental processes. She has worked on a wide range of coastal engineering projects, including studies of coastal processes, water quality, sediment transport and coastal hazard vulnerability.

“It's so satisfying to be able to be part of a team arming our clients with the knowledge and guidance to make wise decisions that can solve their problem and benefit the environment,” says Phebe.

“Our understanding of the complexities of the natural environment means we’re able to develop solutions that are sustainable and environmentally sound. Personally, I find it exciting to be working in a team that places such a strong emphasis on this approach.”

Phebe also relishes the diversity of the people she works with. The multidisciplinary nature of Cardno means she’s able to draw from the incredible range of skills and experiences of the different people around her.

“This allows us to collaborate and work on interesting projects with new challenges, and I really enjoy being part of a team that has me constantly learning something new.”

“Also as our global presence continues to grow, it is creating more new and exciting opportunities all over the world.”

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