Megan Ridgway

Construction Engineer

Megan is a construction engineer, taking designs that engineers have completed and drafted, and then awarding and managing the contract between the construction company and the client to get that design built. 

“It’s challenging, it can be very hectic, there are always a hundred tasks going on at once, and it’s pretty fun - in a very busy kind of way!” says Megan.

But she hasn’t always done this. When Megan started as a graduate at Cardno, she worked for the Water and Environment team where she did flood modelling and was given the opportunity to be a part of the Turtle and Dugong Monitoring Team for the INPEX project in Darwin.

“This involved me going on several deployments to Darwin where we carried out aerial surveys across three different harbours for 20 days straight. It was amazing and hard work, but something I’ll never forget,” she says.

Today, Megan never has a typical day at work. Some days she’s in the office catching up on the administrative side of her role – contract management, verifying construction works, and there is a heavy demand for liaison between council / designers / clients / authorities / contractors and more.

Other days she is out on site all day, conducting inspections of the works, carrying out inspections of water and sewer assets and testing these items before they get used by the public.

For Megan, it’s a challenging and exciting role and flexibility is the key.

“It’s our job to help construction projects run smoothly – however there no specific rules about how this is to be done. There can’t be. We deal with different people every day and we adapt to each person to get a positive and active response. This is where we can make a difference. If we do this well, we foster great relationships on both sides and can facilitate the construction process smoothly - and we have happy clients and happy contractors at the end of it!”

According to Megan, it’s the people that make Cardno a great place to work.

“Coming to work each day is an easy and enjoyable process for me. The office has great facilities that enable us to get together and talk.”

“It’s just a really friendly and supportive work environment.”