Julie McDonagh

Manager Acoustics Queensland

Acoustic Engineers who combine fundamental engineering skills with expertise in sound and vibration are highly valued and in great demand. Julie McDonagh is one such engineer.

“When most people think of engineering, they think of what they can see, whereas I’m always thinking about what can be heard - and the environmental and social impacts of this," says Julie.

Acoustic design and noise and vibration assessment and mitigation are an important priority on most major infrastructure projects. Both require significant technical assessment and accomplished communication skills which, according to Julie, makes this specialist field such a challenge, and quite fascinating at times.

With 24 years’ experience in all areas of acoustics, Julie manages the Queensland Acoustics Group at Cardno and has worked on an impressive range of major transport infrastructure projects, including Queensland’s transformative Legacy Way Tunnel and the Gold Coast Rapid Transit Project.

Although she is based in Brisbane, Julie works for a wide range of Cardno offices throughout Australia. 

“There’s great opportunities for travel and for gathering  a wide range of experience from design standards and policies from other states, and to work on all sorts of projects ranging from major infrastructure noise impact assessments to acoustic design of buildings such as theatres and stadiums,” says Julie.

“My job means that Cardno can to offer a specialist service complementary to our core business – one that really adds to our reputation for provision of excellent design. It’s a great working environment – the staff here are very friendly and helpful, which makes it a great place to come to work to every day."Jump back to Our People to read more Cardno people profiles