Honglin Fan

Pricing Specialist

Behind the scenes at Cardno, a dedicated global team of employees performs integral tasks to deliver every project.

Honglin is a Proposal Pricing Analyst in the contracts department of Cardno’s busy Arlington office, and is dedicated to ensuring every project is budgeted and priced correctly.

“Proposal pricing is a really important component for every project, because the budget will directly affect the contract value, the project team structure and implementation of the project. This is a basic but fundamental step and a real foundation of our business,” says Honglin.

“I feel lucky and grateful that I can be one of the team. Every proposal has its unique features, and this makes my job challenging and fun. I’m always learning new things and achieving great improvements along the way.”

Honglin’s typical day is busy, especially when she is working on big live proposals.

“Every day we’re constantly interacting and having interesting discussions – it’s a lively environment and my job is varied - I’m working on budgets, preparing proposal documents and liaising with subcontractors to make sure we’re delivering the best possible outcome and great client service,” she says.

‘The people here are so nice and friendly. They make me feel this is a great lovely family. I feel really comfortable and relaxed working with colleagues like mine.”

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