Diversity and Inclusion

​Experience has shown us that by fully utilising and encouraging differences in our people, we make better decisions that result in greater outcomes for our clients and for Cardno.

Our people are part of a global team, working from 130 offices and speaking over 100 languages, in which the richness of their lives and experience is welcomed and valued by Cardno.

Our aim is to recruit, engage and cultivate diverse, talented individuals who, as a whole, form a company functioning at its highest potential. From our Board of Directors to all levels in the business, we embrace and encourage diversity in age, gender, ethnicity, race, culture, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, political beliefs, education, physical ability, experiences, working style and more.

Here at Cardno, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is reinforced through both strategic and operational means such as being attuned to opportunities for improving diversity in recruitment, work practices and flexible work arrangements, training and development, and also in the pursuit of corporate, business and market opportunities which take advantage of our diverse team.

We aim to:

  • Cultivate an environment where differences are welcomed and valued
  • Create a strong leadership framework that allows a supportive, inclusive culture to thrive
  • Foster a work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment
  • Employ a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities we work in, including continual review of our recruitment practices to increase our applicant diversity
  • Ensure pay, conditions and access to a full range of jobs and succession in the company is pro-equality
  • Support gender diversity and equality globally through our Women in Cardno program
  • Deliver clear, effective communication in multiple languages, and
  • Provide opportunities for all employees to access a wide range of training and development programs.

Read more on our commitment to diversity in the Cardno Diversity Policy.

Women in Cardno
Our Women in Cardno program strives to provide opportunities for women across the business to advance and grow their careers in a supportive environment. It represents a long-term commitment and outlines our aspirations to become a global leader amongst our peers with regard to gender equality.
The program’s guiding principles are to:
  • Increase the visibility and profile of successful women in Cardno
  • Ensure Cardno demonstrates its commitment to fairness and equality  across programs, processes and communications
  • Provide networking opportunities to women at Cardno, both internally and externally, and
  • Develop programs to help empower women to create dynamic career paths within Cardno, consistent with our strategic goals.

Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Commitment

We will stand up, speak out, and support our staff to prevent domestic and family violence. This is our commitment.

Domestic and family violence (DFV) is unacceptable in any setting, including the workplace. Cardno is committed to fostering a culture where employees affected by DFV are supported in the workplace, thereby contributing to a healthy, inclusive and safe working environment for all.