Cori Jansing

Project Consultant

Environmental expert Cori Jansing says since joining Cardno there hasn’t been anything typical about her daily or weekly schedule. 

Her “office” can be a desk or a wetland – and she says it’s the variety that keeps her so passionate about helping clients to preserve the environment.

As a Senior Staff Scientist, her role includes conducting a huge variety of wetland and ecological surveys as well as authoring the reporting and permitting documents. 

Her Cincinnati office offers a full spectrum of ecological services, which Cori says sets the team apart from many other consulting firms. 

“I’m playing a direct part in the responsible development from the onset of a project, which not only benefits our client’s timelines but also benefits the environment at large,” says Cori. 

“Historically, I have been able to revise footprints so that ecological resources are greatly reduced. This is hugely satisfying. We’ve also provided support to clients seeking mitigation opportunities when they finish a project, enabling our office to design, construct and monitor wetland and stream restoration projects throughout our area.”

Through this process, Cori is able to identify potential problems and assist clients in modifying their plans to best facilitate the project’s main goals, while also preserving the greatest ecological function allowable. 

In the spring/summer, she also gets involved in monitoring amphibian migration patterns to and from their breeding locations, and she regularly conducts wetland delineations, endangered species assessments and monitors mitigation sites.

“Most paramount, our culture, diversity of projects and depth of in-house knowledge makes working at Cardno great. I have felt so supported in obtaining each training opportunity I have requested - opportunities which have allowed me to receive state-recognised certifications.”

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