Andrea Serra


As passionate international development specialist, Andrea has been at the helm of several human rights and democracy projects in Latin America from early on in her career.

Today, as a Senior Development Specialist in the Social and Environmental Impact Management Team in Cardno’s International Development Assistance team near Washington DC, she works with governments, private clients and international donors on the sustainable development of natural resources and responsible business practices, particularly in emerging extractive sectors.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she is fluent in Spanish and English, and her previous experience in corporate responsibility includes assessments of the social and economic impact of corporate policies on wages in global supply chains, particularly in the garment sector in Southeast Asia.

A typical day for Andrea is fast paced, dynamic and often hard to predict.

“The goal of our work in international development assistance is to reduce poverty and improve the lives of people around the world. My day can include writing proposals, reviewing project deliverables, conducting research, attending events or partners’ meetings in DC, or traveling internationally to recruit staff and engage partners. No two days are the same,” she says.

“It’s satisfying to know that I can make a difference by ensuring that projects are well designed, managed and implemented in order to have a meaningful impact and ensure that stakeholders’ expectations are met.”

Andrea has studied in London and Paris, earning a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in International Development, and a Master of Public Affairs with a concentration on Economic and Territorial Development.

Andrea says the people and the diversity in her office make Cardno a great place to work.

“I am surrounded by extremely competent people from all corners of the world who are not only experts in a wide range of fields, but also have a genuine interest in making a difference. I also love the thematic and geographic diversity of our projects and operations, and the opportunity to travel to and work in other countries.”

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