Amy Steiger

GIS Manager and RPAS Pilot (GISP-AP)

When wild weather wreaked havoc across New South Wales in April this year, Cardno GIS expert Amy Steiger was deployed in her role as an SES (State Emergency Service) volunteer to assist with the flood response in the world-famous Hunter Valley Region.

A number of areas in the Region were isolated by floodwaters and required daily boat and air resupply. Using her extensive GIS (Geographic Information Systems) knowledge, Amy helped with mapping the flood extents and gathering flood intelligence on the ground and by helicopter.

Today she combines her voluntary work with the management of Cardno’s renowned GIS team in Wollongong, New South Wales.

“A lot of my role is about helping people find a better method to tackle problems,” she says.

“Every day I am helping Cardno staff and our clients to do things more efficiently and to present data, information and results in a meaningful way both on the web, in the field and hard copy maps or figures.”

In a typical week, Amy will help the South Coast GIS team distribute posters, figures, web maps, and spatial analysis solutions for staff within Cardno as well as clients.

She assists many diverse areas across the company– land development, survey, water engineering, structural engineering, and environmental science – and says it’s great to apply her skills to a range of different applications.

“I might be making a poster for a community consultation one moment, mapping flood results for a subdivision the next, then running analysis to find the best site for a convention centre. I’ll finish that off with setting up a data collection form for a road condition inspection. And that’s just one day!”, says Amy.

“Some weeks I’ll get outside to fly our UAV and capture new data or to help the environmental team with water sampling."

Amy also takes calls from staff around the country asking for technical support or input on their projects and proposals.

“The variety of work that comes from working with a range of disciplines makes every day so interesting,” she says.