Aleksandra Gorczynska

Geotechnical Engineer, Construction Sciences

Working at Cardno is a family affair for Aleksandra, who came to Australia after four years' experience in Poland where she worked on some of the biggest infrastructure projects in the country including the UEFA Euro2012, European Soccer Championships. 

Today, she is part of the Cardno team after an exciting international move.

“In 2012 I was given the great opportunity to join Cardno. I started my job as a geotechnical engineer which eventually allowed me to stay in Australia. Staying longer meant that my fiancé - now my husband - who was in Poland at that time, had to make a big move. He gave up his work, and was ready to support me in my decisions and career,” says Aleksandra.

“The Cardno people are great! I had no friends or family beside me when I came to Australia and joining Cardno felt like finding my Australian family. They have given me warmth, support and a smile every day since.”

While living in Brisbane, Aleksandra was given another new opportunity.

“I became the first Cardno geotechnical engineer in Western Australia. My husband and I packed everything we had into a container and moved to Bunbury. Now, we’re both working with Cardno - my husband is a soil technician – and we continue to develop our skills and gain experience. Being the first geotechnical engineer from Cardno in Western Australia was a huge honour,” she says.

She is now involved in numerous and broad ranging developments ranging from geotechnical investigations to soil improvement design for major road infrastructure, residential, commercial and industrial developments.

“I have a very wide range of duties. From forging relationships with clients, finding opportunities and bidding for new jobs, to executing, managing and delivering those jobs. Every day is different and every day is a new challenge,” says Aleksandra.

“Thanks to Cardno I feel valuable. Whenever I have a tough day, Cardno reminds me how everyone believes in me, and gives me the opportunity to develop my skills and challenge myself.”

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