Vision, Mission and Values


Cardno's vision is to be a world leader in the provision of professional services to improve the physical and social environment.


Cardno provides services to plan, design, manage and deliver sustainable physical, social and economic infrastructure for local and international communities. 

We will achieve our vision of being a world leader through:

  • attracting, developing, retaining and rewarding valued people
  • understanding and meeting the expectations of our clients
  • sustaining the growth of our profile and markets
  • continually improving the safety and quality of our service delivery
  • creating shareholder value through high performance 


Cardno’s core values shape the way we work as individuals and as an organisation. They help ensure that we attract and retain staff with common values which will help us meet the needs of clients, the communities in which we work and our shareholders. Developed in conjunction with our staff, our values represent who we are, the way we work and who we want to be.

  • Self confidence: Positive, Valued, Confident
  • Safety: Responsible, Aware, Vigilant
  • Partnering: Client-focused, Trusted, Inclusive
  • Great people: Determined, Successful, Professional
  • Passion: Committed, Courageous, Dynamic
  • Innovation: Forward-thinking, Entrepreneurial, Creative
  • Integrity: Ethical, Honest, Accountable
  • Sustainability: Balanced, Aware, Considerate​