Health, Safety and Environment

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Cardno is committed to a rigorous Zero Harm approach to safety in all our operations.
Zero Harm means no harm to anyone, at any time while at work. This approach is reinforced by our safety policies, processes and systems.

We are committed to continually improving our safety performance, and through strong leadership and employee participation, we implement and reinforce our Leading Actions, on every job, every day:
  • Take responsibility - we take personal and company-wide responsibility for safety in daily activities
  • Always be risk aware - a risk assessment is undertaken before every potentially hazardous activity
  • Everyone is involved - we actively encourage our colleagues to be involved in making their work safer
  • Communicate - we readily share information that could make a difference to safety
  • Report incidents and concerns - we embrace a reporting culture where all safety issues and incidents are promptly reported and addressed.
To assist with promptly reporting near misses and hazards, Cardno uses its Zero Harm application, ZAP!. Using ZAP!, Cardno staff can report incidents easily and immediately via their computer or mobile smartphone to their manager, enabling the rectification of potentially harmful situations before an injury occurs.
Cardno’s global Health, Safety and Environmental Policy has been put in place to continuously improve and to minimise the environmental impact of our business activities. The strategies include:
  • proactively promoting and implementing the global policy across the Company
  • monitoring and reducing the use of resources
  • encouraging environmental best practice for Cardno’s clients and across the Cardno business group
  • promoting a business culture which recognises the importance of developing and maintaining strong health, safety and environmental values throughout the Company.