Cardno's expertise in traffic, transport and parking

​Our specialist team of over 100 traffic, transport and parking experts helps clients to create, design and shape sustainable transport networks across Australia and New Zealand.  Our specialist staff in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney support and supplement Cardno’s transport infrastructure teams nationwide.

From the Gold Coast Rapid Transit Project in Queensland through to the Albany Strategic Cycle Plan in Western Australia, Cardno has expertise across a wide range of traffic and transport projects nationally.

Committed to supporting the transport industry, Cardno is a proud national sponsor of the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management (AITPM), a Patron of Roads Australia and sponsor of Roads Australia’s Insider e-newsletter.

Our planners, designers, engineers and analysts offer experience in all areas of traffic engineering and transport planning, including:

Road Safety Studies

  • Speed limit reviews 
  • Crash rate analysis
  • Road safety auditing
  • Railway level crossing safety.

Traffic Operations

  • Traffic signals design and coordination
  • Intersection analysis and design
  • Area-wide road network schemes
  • Local area and activity centre schemes
  • Parking management plans.

Development Planning, Design and Assessment

  • Traffic, parking and road impact assessment
  • Pavement impact assessment
  • Development access, parking, service vehicle and circulation layout
  • Pedestrian, bicycle and public transport facilities
  • Expert witness statements and hearing evidence.

Active Transport Solutions

  • Cycle planning, design and auditing
  • Pedestrian planning, strategy and design
  • Integrated local transport plans/Local area plans
  • Main street revitalisation.

Transport Modelling and Evaluation

  • Strategic road network analysis
  • Coordinated signal system assessment
  • Microscopic simulation of detailed traffic systems
  • Multi-modal demand forecasting.

Other Transport Planning

  • Regional Transport Plans
  • Road hierarchy schemes
  • Road corridor and network planning
  • Parking policy
  • Infrastructure charging plans
  • Travel demand management/modal change planning
  • Freight network studies.

For further information on Cardno’s traffic, transport and parking services, contact:

Allen Macourt
Asia Pacific Transport Director and Strategic Advisor
+61 7 3877 6946