Concrete Structure Scanning

Cardno has the experience and flexibility to identify, analyse and investigate concrete structures for a variety of projects.
The benefits of structure scanning include:
  • Non Destructive Testing: We have the ability to identify, detect and inspect your job site non-intrusively, allowing you to preserve the integrity of your structure.
  • Cost Reduction: Concrete structure scanning reduces the risk of damaging prestressing cables, reinforcing steel and other undetectable structures. This, in turn, equates to cost savings associated with down time, repair costs and service interruptions.
  • Risk Reduction: Structural scanning mitigates potential risks associated with the unknown location of in-situ assets, making your projects safer for all workers.
Cardno has been delivering subsurface utility engineering services to private and government clients in the construction, environment, geotechnical, mining, energy and defence sectors since 1995.
We provide our clients with accurate information to assist in the design and construction of projects, with minimal risk of incident or delay. Our subsurface utility technicians are competently trained in all aspects of field operations and have extensive experience across civil, commercial, industrial, petrochemical, agricultural sites.
In addition to structural scanning, our utility engineers can provide:
  • subsurface utility engineering
  • utility detection and mapping
  • vacuum excavation
  • survey, geographic information systems (GIS) and computer-aided design (CAD)
  • professional utility coordination; and
  • asset management.
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