QA/QC Services

​Cardno PPI provides timely insight into your oil and gas operations with services and software solutions for quality assurance and asset tracking. Our goal is continuous improvement and operational excellence for ourselves and our clients.

Knowledgeable, skilled technicians from Cardno PPI monitor the manufacturing and inspection of components. They act as your advocates throughout the process.

Our differentiating factor is the award-winning, industry-leading Cardno PetroPro application. Traditionally, third-party inspection reports are presented in individual quality reports. Each agency presents data differently, and there is no way to easily view quality trends.

With access to our software-as-a-service application, clients can retrieve single reports or view statistical analysis of trends and key performance indicators on demand. Our single system will enable you to make more informed decisions about where to spend.

Third-Party Surveillance

Our international team of Quality Control Specialists monitor the manufacturing and inspection of renewable-energy and oil and gas components. Our process is certified to ISO 9001:2008.
We represent clients at vendor facilities, drilling rigs, onshore and offshore wind farm projects, and other locations worldwide. We provide technical staffing services for vendor surveillance, too.

Our QC Specialists:

  • Observe, verify, and report preventive maintenance, inspection, assembly, and testing activities to ensure compliance with codes, specifications, client requirements, and procedures
  • Act as your advocate from purchase order execution through delivery

Our professionals develop customized surveillance and test plans to meet your needs. We can also evaluate existing quality plans and offer constructive feedback and advice.

Oil and Gas

Upstream QA/QC surveillance and monitoring services are related to drilling and completions asset equipment as well as drilling and completions (D&C) services, rentals, and intervention equipment. These services include global OCTG mill surveillance, material manufacturing surveillance, equipment manufacturing surveillance, life cycle management and preventive maintenance, surveillance, monitoring, and testing of all types of D&C service and rental equipment at service provider facilities, inventory management and preservation of customer owned equipment, QMS and critical process auditing, and in-house coordination and QAE support services.

Midstream and Downstream QA/QC surveillance and monitoring services includes shop inspection/surveillance, module yard surveillance, site QA, and non-destructive examination. Disciplines include fabrication and construction of pressure vessels, topside equipment, operational logistics, welding, and non-destructive testing for capital projects.
Third-party surveillance for oil and gas projects includes, but is not limited to:
  • Drilling and completion equipment
  • OCTG (tubulars) and drillpipe
  • Manufactured equipment
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Manifold systems
  • Processing equipment
  • Pressure vessels

Renewable Energy

Our renewable energy surveillance and monitoring services are related to wind power services. We perform general vendor inspection surveillance and factory acceptance testing witness services. We provide technical staffing, including rotational offshore personnel.
Third-party surveillance for renewable energy projects includes, but is not limited to:
  • Turbine blades
  • Cables
  • Power boxes and other electrical equipment installation and testing (emergency diesel generators, cabling, protection and control panels)
  • Nonconformance report generation
  • Documentation review, etc.