About Us

Founded in 1976 in Ecuador, Cardno Caminosca offers a wide range of engineering and environmental services founded on cutting-edge methodologies and technical processes.

We develop conceptual, basic and detailed engineering designs and provide technical assistance, construction supervision and project management services for key civil and structural engineering projects.

Our team’s multi-disciplinary professionals provide a wide-range of expertise ranging from geotechnical and structural engineering to environmental consulting and project management. We also have extensive experience serving the public and private sectors internationally and are certified under ISO 9001: 2008 quality standards.

As the largest engineering consultant in Ecuador, Cardno Caminosca has played a significant role in the studies, designs and supervision for the construction of some of the most important construction projects in the country, including:

  • On-site owner’s engineers for the New Quito International Airport.  The team verified compliance with the planned specifications; certified payroll amounts; and approved the issuance of certificates of substantial completion and final sign-off. The new airport has capacity for 44 operations per hour and may receive more than five million passengers and 270,000 tons of cargo per year.
  • Baba Multipurpose Stormwater and Hydroelectric Project Design Supervision and Quality Control: We have provided a wide range of services since 2006, including overseeing modifications to the basic design, providing detailed construction verification activities, and supervised the quality control system during the project’s first stage. The Baba project will reduce flooding during Ecuador’s wet season and provide an additional 440 gigawatt hours (GWh) of power each year.